Pelvic Health 101

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The pelvis. It is the center of the human body and serces as the link between our upper and lower halves of our body. For women, it is the center of our physical universe and encompasses our female essence. Life begins in (and though) the pelvis. Everyone pees and poops. However, women's bodies have unique functions throughout our lifespan; our monthly periods, pregnancy and childbirth, and then, there's menopause. Keeping our pelvis healthy and fit is essential for our most fundamental functions. 


  1. EASY PEE-SY Stay hydrated with plenty of clear fluids. When using the bathroom avoid going "just in case." When it is time to go, relax to pee and don't push to empty. 
  2. POOP LIKE A PRO Sit (all the way) down, relax, take your time, breathe. Again - drink lots of fluids! 
  3. CORE ESSENTIALS Pelvic floor muscles are an important part of a fit core (along with back muscles, abdominals, diaphragm). Learn how to contract and relax the pelvic floor muscles - the right way. See a pelvic health PT for help! 
  4. PLEASURE PRINCIPLES Healthy pelvic muscles (see #3) = enhanced orgasm! Sex should never be painful. Use fragrance/dye/chemical-free lubricant. 
  5. STAY CONNECTED Understand what changes are normal and healthy. See your healthcare provider annually! IF you experience any issues with pain, urinary or bowel issues (including any leakage), or weakness, contact your provide for an evaluation. 

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