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Money. Very few words carry as many emotions with them as money. It might evoke stress, joy, fear, pride, confusion, security, curiosity, boredom – and sometimes it produces all of these feelings at once. We know because at Zimmerman Wealth Management (ZWM) we have seen these emotions, and many more, in our 15+ years of providing financial advisory services to women in the local community. 

When it comes to women and money, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is, like many things in life, money can be more challenging to deal with if you are a woman. Studies show that women typically:

  • Are paid less
  • Take longer breaks from the workforce
  • Pay more for essential goods (the “pink tax”)
  • Have the added time and money cost of being primary caregivers – sometimes to both children and parents at the same time!

Despite all these issues, women typically live longer, which means your money has to last longer too! 

After hearing all that, I’m sure you’re wondering about the good news we mentioned. Well here it is – it is possible to improve your money situation with very little work in just a few steps, and ZWM is committed to helping you better your relationship with money over the next year. We are partnering with Evanston Woman to provide a series of articles on a range of topics including: 

  • Retirement
  • Business ownership
  • Saving for college
  • Teaching children about money
  • Basic estate planning 
  • Whether a financial advisor is right for you 

These articles are not meant to be a dry overview of each topic. Instead they contain a few quick, easy, actionable steps you can take in under 30 minutes to feel better about each area of your finances. As part of our promise, each article will include a tool or additional resources to dive deeper into the subject matter if you feel the topic is an area of focus for you and your family.

Our first, in-depth article will arrive in November and will be focused on retirement. If you’re totally lost when it comes to retirement (and who isn’t at least a little uncertain?), we have a tool for you to begin evaluating whether you are on track for the retirement you want. You can also use this tool to let us know what you’re concerned about when it comes to retirement (or any financial topic), so we can be sure to address your concern in our next article.